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Just like your redneck cousin, you might not know what to do with all those miscellaneous pantry items and leftover holiday baking ingredients.  You know, all that stuff that would otherwise be thrown in the trash:  a handful of M&Ms,  the bottom of a bag of (mostly broken) pretzels, cocktail peanuts, marshmallows…you name it.

I’ll tell you what you do.  You dump them all in bowl, drown them in white chocolate, let the chocolate harden and break it all up into delicious chunks of glorious white trash.

The traditional recipe for White Trash calls for rice cereal, Cheerios, pretzels, peanuts and M&Ms.  But I’ve seen others with golden raisins and other varieties of sweet and salty combinations.  Just use whatever “trash” ingredients are in your cupboard.

Pardon the photo. I brought this in to the office to help fuel a brainstorm. Hence, the lovely vertical blinds in the background.

I made my mix from the following:

If you want actual measurements, check out Alton Brown’s recipe for White Trash.  Otherwise, if you’re like me, just dump what you have on hand into a big bowl.  Melt your white chocolate (whether it’s candy coating or chips – I had a mixture of both) and pour over the mix.  Stir until coated and spread onto a sheet of wax paper.  Once the mixture is cool, break it up into chunks.

This is something everyone – even your redneck cousin – will enjoy!